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Building a New Home in Calgary

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Building a New Home In Calgary?

Building in a New Sub-Division

You are entitled to have a REALTOR represent you when you purchase your new home, whether that home is existing or yet to be built.

original | Building a New Home in Calgary It is to your advantage to have a REALTOR represent you, when you purchase any new home. The best new home builders in town are members of an agreement called the BUILDER – REALTOR CO-OPERATION AGREEMENT. This Agreement states that the price of your home will not change if you have a REALTOR involved, so you do not have to worry about changes in price or quality if you involve a REALTOR in your new home sale.

Glen Godlonton can represent you when you purchase a new home direct from any new Home Builder in town. Give us a call and we can discuss the benefits of using a REALTOR when you purchase your new home.

original | Building a New Home in CalgaryKeep in mind that when you visit the Home Builder show homes, in most cases the staff you talk to are employees of the Home Builder. It is their job to sell homes PERIOD (probably on commission) and therefore owe you no loyalty. They have one job and one job only – to sell you one of their designs.

When you have a licensed real estate agent working for you, that agent owes YOU their Loyalty (check out the Fiduciary Duties Of An Agent outlined in the Duties Of A REALTOR which means they look after your best interest, not that of the builder.

Before you go to the new show home parade Call Glen Godlonton  and tell us you are thinking of purchasing a new home and which sub-divisions you are interested in. We will then meet with you and give you all of the relevant neighborhood information. We will also discuss the pros and cons of each builder and the products that they produce. After our meeting, we will go with you to visit the new show home parade, where we will introduce you and register you with the builder’s representative and let them know that you will be represented by Glen and his team. Together, we will choose the best builder in the neighborhood to build your new dream home and make sure that you understand what the builder will be providing. We will also be involved during the building process if you have any questions.

original | Building a New Home in CalgaryWhen you purchase an existing home you can see what you will be receiving , when you purchase a new home, you are usually buying off of spec sheets and blue prints. It is a lot more complicated and mistakes can happen easily. You deserve to have representation from an experienced, licensed REALTOR , and of course we hope you will choose Glen to represent you.

Have any questions or want more information? Drop us a line and we can discuss the pros and cons of building a new home !



Building an Inner City Home

When you are planning to build a new home in an older established inner-city neighborhood the process is similar to building in a new subdivision (see Building in a New Sub-Division). However, typically there is no show home parade, so how do you find the builders or know who the good ones are??

original | Building a New Home in CalgaryIf you are going to build a new home in the inner city call Glen Godlonton. We keep track of the good builders (and the not so good builders) working the inner city. We are very familiar with the work of the most reputable builders and we understand the costing process.

Unless you already have the land available, another common problem that you may encounter is finding the appropriate land to build on. Some land is not appropriate to build on because of underlying problems like being located too close to a flood plain . This is why you should follow expert advice before buying the land you want to build on. Plus, contractors for construction work, finding experienced painters (like the ones at, and interior designers are all part of the trouble. The problem is that most of the good inner-city builders have more clients than they do lots to build on. We are continually searching for lots that will be coming on the market, and we telemarket the neighborhoods regularly looking for excellent building lots.

Once you have found a good lot, there are a number of ways this process can unfold:

  1. The land may be purchased directly by the builder, or by the client.
  2. If the client purchases the land they may build immediately or they may choose to hold the lot and build in the future.
  3. If the lot is held you may rent the existing home to help pay for it.

Drop us a line and we can help you on the way to building your new inner city home.

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