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FSBO Selling Your Own Home in Calgary

There are pros and cons to every method of selling your house. If you go to a professional home buyer like Ben Grise (click here to learn more) then you can get a very quick sale no matter what condition it’s in but you probably won’t get as much money than if you were to put it on the market. Going to a realtor can mean you get professional support and get to set a high asking price but properties can be on the market for months or even years. Selling your house yourself means you miss out on realtor fees but don’t get the professional guideance throughout the selling process. Today, we will be looking more into this last option that is growing in popularity.

So you are thinking about selling your home on your own? You might want to read up on various tips and tricks available online (like this article from Cristal Cellar) about how to sell your house faster and more efficiently.

However, before you make this major decision, there are a few points to consider:

  • How much market exposure can you get by yourself?

  • Do you know the correct market value of your home?

  • Do you know the main selling points of your property?

    • (e.g. it’s close to a school, you recently got pool builders to remodel your pool, you have an open plan kitchen, etc.)
  • Are you willing to allocate the time in your busy life to market and show your home?

If you want to try selling your own home, there are a number of ways The Glen Godlonton Real Estate Team is willing to help AT NO COST TO YOU:

  • We can help you price your home correctly.

  • We can shoot some digital pictures for you to use.

  • We can even provide you with some no cost Advertising on your home

  • We can provide the following materials:

  • the 97 Ways To Sell Your Home Faster Guide;

  • the 7 Do’s And Don’ts Guide For Selling Your Own Home;

  • reference Books on how to sell your own home;

  • reference Videos on how to sell your own home;

  • reference Videos on how to price your own home;

  • reference Videos on how to help your kids cope with the move;

  • purchase contract forms blank forms.

  • We can even help you write up the contract if you find a buyer

  • And lots of other things

If your home is suitable for an investor or builder, we may have a buyer ?Drop us a line and let us know that your home is on the market.

Why would The Glen Godlonton Real Estate Team be willing to help me market my home???

Well, our business is based on referrals. If we can help you sell your home, maybe, when a friend of yours is looking for real estate services, you would be kind enough to pass our name on to them. Or I may be able to help you buy your next home or a Revenue Property.

We are the good guys and we are willing to help you anytime, anywhere.

Just drop us a line and we would be glad to come and talk about your options and provide you with any of the above materials that you feel you might need to sell your home. Or, for more information, check our section on Hiring a REALTOR to Help You Sell Your Existing Home.