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Investing in Calgary Real Estate

house | Investing in Calgary Real Estate

Calgary Investment Real Estate has always been a popular way to invest your money. If you’re thinking of investing in real estate then Glen Godlonton can explane to you which properties make sound Real Estate investmens in Calgary AB. Because no matter where you are in North America, real estate is a good investment opportunitity. IF you do not wnat to purchase in Calgary still reach out to Glen for education and a referral to a great agent that can help you find quality properties. As the old story goes more people have become Millionaires with Real Estate than with any other investment. Glen has been investing in the Calgary marketplace for more than 30 years. Let him show you how you can create significant wealth in real estate  in less than 10 Years. 

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Here are 9 tips from a few of our investment clients. Whether you’re a new real estate investor or a seasoned buyer, take a few tips from these experienced owners.

  1. Pay for good talent to do your renovations. Your property is no place for someone to learn how to hold a hammer. While you can learn to do your own renovations, choose another time to get this done – or negotiate a deal with a local handyman.

  2. Buy in the best location you can afford. If the area turns around, you may be able to make more money in a lesser location, but it’s a lot more work and you increase your risks that the area may deteriorate. It’s important to let stock go when it’s time to sell. 

  3. Buy small and stay small. Stick with the small units, and don’t go overboard on the upgrades or your properties won’t be affordable for tenants.

  4. Look at a building not for what it is, but for what it can be. If you take a contrition view of possible uses, you can sometimes find a bargain no one else recognizes.

  5. Don’t get hung up by the cap rate. The money coming in and the money going out, along with the depreciation, are the items to focus on.

  6. Consider buying a building to house your office. You can generate income by renting out extra space until you need it for expansion and benefit from the property’s long-term appreciation.

  7. Enlist a cadre of repair people you can count on so you can get the property market-ready fast when a tenant moves out. Every day the property is vacant costs you money.

  8. Don’t buy the unique property. Choose houses that will appeal to the average family so you will always be able to sell easily if you need an escape hatch.

  9. Partner with a good Agent to help with your Purchases and Sales. A good agent costs the same as a bad agent, and when your buying property there is no cost to be represented. Choose an agent that understands and invests in investment property. Be loyal to only that one agent and they will bring you the good opportunities first. A bad uninformed decision can cost you hundreds of thousands of upside in the long run.

If you have investment properties to sell Glen would like to talk to you. Let him show you how you can get Maximum Return with the least amount of inconvenience to your tenants. We have qualified buyers waiting to purchase quality properties today.